The vintage field on spring3
Photos by semola1
Photo by catwall_elle curotto


I'm starting this zine by publishing a few of my own photographs.



An introduction

This is a photographic blog (or a zine if anyone would like to call it that) where the focus is set on photographs taken with various Holga cameras.

I've created a group on flickr.com which is going to be connected with this blog. Some of the photographs people add to the group will be chosen to be published here once in a while, with appropriate links back to the photographers.

Visit the group's page here.

Of course, this isn't all, if you have any suggestions for photographs you think should be featured don't hesitate to send me an email (the address is stated to left) or simply leave a comment with links to the photographs.

This is a very rough introduction, and I will shortly begin posting photographs, starting with a few of my own.